The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) provides interesting educational activities for persons who believe that learning never ends. In addition to the educational classes, CLL activities include local social events and out-of-town trips.

September 2017 Newsletter

Area Weather for Fort Walton Beach, FL

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Our organization is affiliated with Road Scholar (formerly The Elderhostel Institute Network) that offers educational opportunities worldwide.

Most classes meet one day each week for eight consecutive weeks. Each of the two annual semesters begins mid-month in January and September. On Fridays, most classes meet on the Fort Walton Beach (FWB) campus of the University of West Florida. During registration, students are given a detailed enrollment verification form that lists class locations, meeting times, and other essential information.

Our courses encompass a wide spectrum of topics. In September we typically offer between sixty and seventy courses. During the January semester, when many visiting Snowbirds enroll, the number of courses offered may reach seventy five or higher.

All courses are taught by volunteers who have expertise in certain areas as a result of career experience or a lifelong hobby.

There is no separate membership fee. For an enrollment fee of $50, students may take up to four classes; each additional class beyond four costs $10 each.

  • Registration begins on Friday, September 1, 2017 for the upcoming 2017 Fall semester. Visit Registration Schedule for more information.
  • The Fall semester begins September 11th and continues for 8 weeks--for most classes.
  • The September catalog should be available online in mid-August.
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