Regular Events

CLL Board of Directors meetings

Our Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month, except during the months of June and July, when no meetings are held.  The meetings begin at noon and are open to all members.  Normally the Board meets in Building #4, but call 863-6548 to verify the location.

CLL Committee meetings

Committees meet at times specified by the committee chairmen.  To attend a meeting, or to volunteer to help on a committee, please contact the chairman of the desired committee.

Special Events
Thanks to Barbara Smith, coordinator of the Special Events Committee, for arranging these September 2017 Semester programs.

Please bring your lunch and enjoy these free presentations!

Friday noon-hour Special Events — all are held in the UWF auditorium.

Sept. 15Scholarship to NWFSC

Scam Vigilence for Seniors
Christe Kedroski, VP College Advancement

Sheriff Ashley Bailey
Sept. 22

Scholarship to UWF

Heritage Museum and Opportunities

CLL Needs a few Good Women and Men to Volunteer
Dr. Melinda Bowers, Director UWF Emerald Coast

Gina Marini, Director, Heritage Museum (Door Prizes!))

Dolores Noeschel
Sept. 29Gift presentation to Children in Crisis (CIC) and information about the CIC Ken Hair, President and CEO, CIC
Oct. 6Scholarship to Take Stock in Children(TSIC)
Dort Baltes will accept and talk about TSIC
Bob Garcia
Oct. 13Navigating Health Care in 2017Gregory J. Piacente , MD
Oct. 20Voting – who has you voter registration information and other pertinent facts you need to knowPaul Luz, Supervisor of Elections
Oct. 27History of CLLBetty Kentosh
Nov. 3Final Follies for students, families, and guests.The visual, performing, and literary art classes will show, demonstrate or recite examples of their work. Please bring refreshments.

   Schedule updated on 9/1/2017

Updated: 7/25/2016